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Motion Models

Welcome to Motion Models the worlds #1 supplier of ready made & custom airplane models, ship models, tank, missile and space craft models. We are honored to say that we have made models for 4 U.S. Presidents, several Secretaries of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff, Mr. Ross Perot, TV's The Unit and JAG, David Letterman, the SMITHSONIAN MUSEUM, BOTH U.S. Navy Museums, Northrop Grumman, The Departments of Defense, USAF, Navy, Coast Guard, Transportation, Homeland Security, FAA, NASA, NOAA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and thousands of other people, museums and corporations around the world. Regardless of most of our "competitors" universally calling all their models "museum quality", we are the one with models in most of the large museums. Click here for 1000's of samples of Custom made airplane models we've done for people, governments and corporations all over the world! We specialize in large custom display models for collectors, museums, military organizations and corporations. To order your custom model, please email Joel Rosen at joel@motionmodels.com or call 1-800-866-3172.

John Travolta's 707 Large Models GM Chairman Bob Lutz Our models in the Smithsonian National Museum
John Travolta, Satisfied customer of Boeing 707 model Large Models General Motors Chairman, Robert A. Lutz, Satisfied customer of L39 models Smithsonian National Museum Exhibit Smithsonian National Museum Exhibit Smithsonian National Museum Exhibit Smithsonian National Museum Exhibit

Secretary of Navy
John F. Lehman Jr.
Chief of Naval Ops
Admiral Holloway
Our model of CVN-76 made for
President Ronald Reagan
President GHW Bush
with our CVN-77 model
President Gerald Ford
with our model of the CVN-78
Secretary of the Navy, John F. Lehman Jr. Admiral Holloway & Joel Rosen with CVAN-65 Our model of the USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76  President Ford with the future CVN-78

Admiral Robert Papp
USCG Commandant
H. Ross Perot
Presidential candidate
Andrew Taylor CEO
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
9 custom display models made for
Ellis Island National Monument, NYC
US Coast Guard Commandant H. Ross Perot, Satisfied customer of USS Sigourney DD-643 Andrew Taylor, President of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Satisfied customer of Essex CV-9 model Ellis Island Display

We make more Custom US Coast Guard Models than anyone in the world! Click here to view
USCGC Cape May exhibit Custom Coast Guard Models! USCGC Westwind USCGC Ida Lewis

Click here for 1000's of samples of Custom made airplane models we've done for people, governments and corporations all over the world!

Dora Railway Gun
Dora Railway Gun
5-foot M47 tank model
M47 - How about this big<br> baby tank for your den?
Custom Battle Group
United States Navy battle group display custom made for Glenn Defense Marine (Asia) Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Large Display Models

ific Aerospace & Electronics INC. lobby display

Besides the thousands of models on our site, WE CAN CUSTOM MAKE ALMOST ANY AIRCRAFT, SHIP, OR PLEASURE CRAFT. Just send email to Joel Rosen at joel@motionmodels.com. or call 1-800-866-3172 or 1-954-344-8512 from 10 AM to 5:30 PM (EST) weekdays. We will be happy to discuss your out of stock or custom model purchase. Payment or layaway payment plans are also available for some models. You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870. Motion Models is an authorized Department of Defence contractor (DOD Certified).

To those veterans who have fought in past conflicts and all active duty military personal, we at Motion Models, Inc. WANT TO SAY THANK YOU. Thank you for helping to preserve all that we as Americans hold dear to our hearts. Thank you for the many sacrifices you have made on behalf of all Americans. Thank you for being there when your country was in need of your service.
May God Bless You And All Americans.
Joel, Judith, Allen, Robin, Shawn

We have the largest selection of ready to display models anywhere at the lowest prices available.

Model Airplanes, Model Ships, Model Aircraft, Model Spacecraft, Model Missiles and Model Tanks/Armor are constantly being added to this site, so if you can't find what you're looking for online, please call us or email me for assistance. We most likely have your model, in whatever scale or color you require. Thank you.

- joel@motionmodels.com.

Motion Models, Inc.
4613 N. University Dr. #290
Coral Springs FL. 33067

Credit cards welcome.
Credit cards welcome.

Effective 9/12/18 please add 25% to all
stock models (items with a price & part number)

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