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Custom Helicopter Models

Custom Model Pricing & Ordering Information
The size & scale of the below models are only examples of what other customers have ordered. We can make any custom model in any size you would like.

To obtain special pricing on any custom model, or to place an order, please call 1-800-866-3172 (1-954-344-8512) from 10 AM to 5:30 PM EST weekdays or send email to Joel Rosen at You may FAX us at 1-954-344-8870.

A-Star 350 - KYW TV (CBS) | side view
Aerospatial AS350, Atlanta Medical Center | top profile w/display stand
Aerospatial SA315 LLama
Aerospatial SA315 LLama | cockpit | cockpit closeup | engine/rotor detail
Aerospatial SA365N
ACH47 - Chinook Gunship | Closeup view | display stand
AH1 Cobra, Desert Storm
AH-64 Apache Longbow, made for the Dept. of Defense | Example of size
Augusta westland AW 189
Bell Augusta 109
Bell Augusta 109 MKII
Bell Augusta 109 MKII
Augusta 109 - "Penn Star" | underside detail
Bell Augusta 109E
Bell 47G, Los Angeles Police | fuel tank detail | engine detail
Bell H13 Sioux
Bell 206L, Air Evac Lifeteam | side detail | tail detail
Bell 206L (Black & Silver) | side detail
Bell 206L, Papillon Grand Canyon Tours
Bell 206 - DHL | underside detail
Bell 206 B3
Bell 206 - US Department of Interior
Bell 230A
Bell 407 - Virginia State Police
Bell 412
Bell 412SP
CH3, Jolly Green Giant
CH3, Jolly Green Giant
CH-3, 20th SOS
CH-3E with BQM-34 Firebee Drone | underside profile
CH37 Mojave, Marines
CH-37 Mojave, 4th Transport Co. | underside detail
CH46, HMM-264 | display stand
CH46, US Navy
CH46 (US Navy)
CH46 (Marines) and others.
CH46 Vietnam, (Marines). | display stand
CH46, Marines, Camo.
CH-46, MCAS Beaufort SC
CH-46, Rescue
CH-46, Marines - "Purple Foxes"
CH-47 Chinook
CH-47C Chinook - PA Army National Guard
CH-53, w/ Special Electronics Pod | fuselage & pod detail
CH-53D (MAWTS-1)
CH56, US Marines
Dragon Warrior - Remote control drone | display stand - Custom made for the US Naval Research Laboratory
Dragon Warrior II - Remote control drone | different angle - Custom made for the US Naval Research Laboratory
Enstrom F28
Enstrom F28
Enstrom F28C
Eurocopter Dauphin
Eurocopter, AS-350
H2 Seasprite
H2 Seasprite | lower view
H-2 | weapons detail
HH-1K "Blue Hawks" (Navy HAL-5) | side view | underside detail
HH1K, HS-8
HH3A, HS-8
HH3, LCC-19 Blue Ridge
HH3, HS-8 US Navy (white)
HH-3, 37th ARRS
H10 (Marines)
H34 Choctaw, US Army
H34D, US Marines | display stand
H34D, Choctaw, HMM-362
H34D, Choctaw, HS-3
HH43 "Pedro" | display stand
HH43 Husky, 3rd ARRGP
MH-47E, Night Stalkers (Army Special Forces) | side profile
HH52 | Winch Detail
HH52 US Coast Guard
HH53 - Super Jolly Green Giant
HH60 Special OPS
HH65A Dolphin USCG
HH65A Dolphin USCG | Comparison of 20 INCH model and 6" model | Example of size
Hiller UH-12
Hiller - UH12C | Cockpit & Engine detail | Display Stand
Hiller - UH12E | close up detail
Hiller - H12E | underside profile | side profile | engine profile
Hiller H23 (UH12)
Hughes 300
Hughes 500 (Holy Cow is this thing HUGE) | paint detail | cabin detail
Hughes 500 - Ontario PD | display stand
Hughes MD-500
Hughes 500E
Hughes 530F
HUK-3 (US Navy)
Kaman K-Max
Kamov KA50 Werewolf | Wing & Display base detail
MH-68 Augusta | rotor detail
MI-8 Uzbeckistan Air Force
OH-6A, US Border Patrol
OH6, 1st Air Cav
OH6 Cayuse
OH6 Cayuse, 1st Air Cav
OH-58 Kiowa, made for the Dept. of Defense | Example of size

OH-58A Kiowa | underside detail

Autogyros custom made for the Pitcairn Autogyro Company
PA10 - Pitcairn Autogyro
PA36 - Pitcairn Autogyro
PCA2 - Whirl Wing, Pitcairn Autogyro "Miss Champion" | Engine closeup | Display Stand

RAH66 Commanche Stealth
Robinson R22 | display stand
Robinson R22
Robinson R44 Raven
Robinson R44
Schweitzer 300 | right view | front view | left view
Schweitzer 300 CBI
Schweitzer 333
SH-2F SeaSprite
SH-3A HS-2
SH3 (US Navy)
SH3, US Navy, HS-11
SH3, HS-8 US Navy
SH-3A, HS-2
SH-60, US Coast Guard
SH60F - Seahawk (Navy) | display stand
Sikorsky H19B
Sikorsky HRS-1 (USMC)
Sikorsky SK76
Sikorsky S76
Sikorsky S76 (Chevron Oil)
Sikorsky S76A (light blue paint)
Sikorsky S76S
TH57 US Navy. 15" fuselage | display stand
TH57 US Navy, Helatron 8. | display stand
UH-1 - North Carolina State Highway Patrol
UH-1, USMC Quang Tre, Vietnam | different background
UH-1, 114th Assault Helicopter Co. | display stand
UH-1C - Huey Gunship | nose view | display stand
UH-1C 1st Air Cav
UH-1D | display stand
UH-1 (US Navy)
UH1C, US Navy
UH-1D - "Crusader 19", Vietnam | display stand
UH-1, 176th AVN CO | display stand
UH-1 Rescue | nose view | head on view | example of size
UH-1 Airborne | nose view | display stand
UH-1D | display stand
UH-1 1st Air Cav | nose detail | mini-gun detail
UH-1D, 235th AHC | gun detail | display stand
UH-1N - Eglin AFB | display stand
UH-19 - USAF Rescue | underside detail
UH46, US Navy | underside detail
UH-60 | nose detail
UH-60 - Camaflage paint
UH-60L (Brasil) | underside detail
Vertol 107
Westland EH-101 - Canadian Forces | Closeup view | example of model size

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